HGTVs Smart Home Features a $5000 Toilet

HGTVs smart home is filled with the latest and greatest high tech home gadgets including a $5,000 toilet! Yes, $5,000 for the Chamber Pot, Thunder Box, Porcelain Throne or whatever word you choose to call your home commode.
One of our favorite items of tech in the home is the Kohler Multi-Media Shower and the Ocea Shower TV which allows you to jam out to music or watch your favorite shows all while you shampoo and condition.

“But the crown jewel (or shall we say throne) of the bathroom is probably the Kohler Numi Toilet, a $5,600 loo that provides a “personalized experience” and has a built-in remote. The top folds back on its own and immediately starts to play music, while heat streams out from the bottom to keep your feet (and your bum) warm. The top folds back down when you’re finished.”

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

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